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Dining Chairs Set

My dining chairs! Super pretty, comfortable, steady and affordable.


3 Crystals - Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz & Amethyst

M&S Bedding set

For a clean, fresh and cosy bed!

Desenio Print – Pink Lips

A girly touch to my home office.

Desenio Print – Batman

A touch of fun to my home office.

H&M Glass vase

How I display beautiful flowers as a centrepiece on my dining table.

H&M Faux fur cushion

The Autumn/Winter touch to my living room!

H&M Bath Mat

This bath mat makes my guest bathroom look so stylish!

H&M Cushion Cover

This cushion gives my home office a Spring vibe!

H&M Mirror

I have two of these in my house. Love them!

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