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How to find the perfect dress for your bridesmaids – 5 Tips

How to find the perfect dress for your bridesmaids – 5 Tips

Finding the perfect dress for your Bridesmaids it’s never easy…they have different body types, different styles and taste, different skin tones and even you are still not sure on what you would like to see them in!

If you are lucky and your bridesmaids are very understanding, they will actually facilitate this process for you and help you instead of making it harder, so actually choosing the right bridesmaids should be step 1 🙂

I have to say that I was one of those lucky girls! I had 6 bridesmaids, all beautiful but so different (one of them was even pregnant!) and they all made it so easy for me.

Still, this doesn’t mean that I chose one dress on my own and demanded that they buy it and they just agreed with it…the way I see it that would have been the wrong approach!

So here are my tips on how to find the right dress for your Bridesmaids as smoothly as possible:


1.     Make decisions

Even though you don’t want to be a Bridezilla, some decisions are still up to you and you have to have a good idea of what you want for your own wedding. This doesn’t mean you can’t be open to your friend’s ideas, but they can’t make decisions for you.

At this stage you already need to have a venue, the décor thought out, your own dress, and the whole wedding vibe figured out. So obviously you bridesmaids’ dresses have to be in tune with that!

I knew I would like for their dresses to be maxi dresses, and I also had 2 colours in mind that would work with the theme of the wedding, so that’s what told them.

If like me, you are undecided on what the colour the dress should be, take their opinion into consideration, but if it gets too confusing and they don’t agree on one, it is still up to you to be the mediator and make a decision.


2.     Consider different body shapes

Unless all of your bridesmaids are all top models, they probably have different body shapes and their own insecurities, so be considerate of that.

Try not to force a super short dress into a friend who is insecure about her legs, or a super tight dress to a friend who is insecure about her body shape.

Try to choose a dress that is flattering to most body shapes, and if this is showing to be too difficult, consider letting them choose their own different dresses.

Bridesmaids with different dresses it’s an option that is becoming more and more popular! You can choose to go with different dresses but the same colour, or in different tones of the same colour, or even choose two different colours that go well together. Open your mind and use your imagination!

In my case, I managed to find a dress that everyone was happy with, but I was very close to letting them choose their own dress, all of the same colour.

See example below:

From Pinterest


3.     Consider the price

Unless you are paying for your Bridesmaid’s dresses, take into consideration that not all of them might be able or willing to buy a super expensive dress!

Establish a budget that is comfortable for all of them and search for stores that sell inexpensive dresses. You can also look into online stores such as ASOS and Boohoo that actually offer many great options!

Online shopping can be a great option not only because you have different price ranges, but also each one of your bridesmaids can buy the dress in their own time, try it at home, and if not happy it’s very easy to just return it.


4.     The right timing

Make sure you and your bridesmaids start the process as soon as possible!

Considering all the options and coming to an agreement takes time. Also, the sooner you decide on what dress it’s going to be the more time your bridesmaids have to order it, make adjustments if needed and even return and get a new one if it comes to that.

Timing is important in the whole process of planning a wedding, this stage is not an exception!


5.     Make sure everyone is happy

During the whole process keep checking with all of your bridesmaids that they are happy and comfortable with the decisions that are being made. Sometimes when a lot of people are involved someone ends up being neglected.

But when doing this, please don’t forget your own happiness, you are still the bride and the whole process is supposed to be enjoyable and a happy countdown to the happiest day of your life 🙂

So these are my tips on how to find the perfect dress for your Bridesmaids! I hope you enjoyed it and that it helped to make the whole process easier for you!


Have a great wedding!!

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