Yes, we all love interior design and we all want a Pinterest worthy home. But the truth is that when we decide to decorate or redecorate our homes, choosing from all the options can be overwhelming.

When it comes to interior design, there are so many options! So many different styles, colours, textures, finishes, etc…how can we just choose what suit us and our homes best??

So here are my 5 tips on how to discover your own interior design style:

1. Inspiration

Before you go into a store and spend your money on a bunch of stuff, make sure you know what you want. And to know that, you have to look for inspiration first.

Go on Google, go on Pinterest, interior design blogs, catalogues, whatever it’s easier for you, and get some inspiration. Save the pictures you really love into a folder, so that later you can go back and find out what all of them have in common.

You might like pictures of different interior styles, but the more you look at those saved pictures the more you will realise that there’s something that they all have in common. That thing is what will help you find your style.

For example, all of the pictures above have something in common, for instance:

. Grey sofa with a modern design

. Cool modern wall art

. Simple colour palette where grey is the base

. Modern but quite cosy feel

. Clean and uncluttered style

These must be the things that I like 🙂 If you do this same exercise, you will also find the things that you like the most.


2. Colour Palette

Your favourite interior style can come in many different colours, and again, it can be difficult to decide what colour palette you want. My advice is to do the same as you did before, but only with colour palettes.

You can literally search for colour palettes and you will find a bunch of choices. As you look at the ones you saved, you will notice that at least one or two colours appear more often.

Use that colour as a base for your colour palette, and then choose the combination you prefer.

What do these colour palettes have in common?

. Some kind of green

. No vibrant colours

. Nature “vibe”

3. Research

Now that you have a better idea of what style you like and in what colour palette you want it, start doing your research.

When you go on Pinterest or Google for interior design inspiration, you see all these beautiful pieces of furniture that you have no idea where to find so you will need to search for similar options.

Don’t just go to one store and expect to find what you want, or even worse, to end up buying things you don’t really want.

Go online and search through all of the interior design online shops you can think of. Make a list of the things you like and really think about how they contribute to the style you want to achieve before making a purchase.

Only buy after you’ve considered all the options and also when you are sure that that is the best option for you.

4. Keep your focus

Once you have a good idea of what you want and like, keep focused on that. Don’t let yourself get distracted by the overwhelming options available in store. If you have decided you are going for classic interior design with blue and gold accents, do not let yourself fall in love with that beautiful rose gold and modern looking lamp!!

You are always going to love different things, but once you’ve made your choice you’ve got to stick to it, otherwise, the only interior style you will achieve is a messy confusing one.


5. Buy the small things first

If you kind of know what you like but still are a bit confused, or if you are just not able to buy everything at once, buy the small and cheap things first.

This way, if you regret your decision, or if you realise that is not the way you want to go, at least you didn’t spend a lot of money.

Can you imagine buying a beautiful velvet blue corner sofa only to decide later that you actually prefer an all neutral living room??

The smaller and cheaper things will serve as a test, a way to experiment with the decor you think you want. If you like it, start investing in the bigger or more expensive pieces.


Were these tips helpful at all? I really hope I helped you find your style 🙂

If you are looking for inspiration take a look at my Home Decor Pinterest board here.

Have fun decorating!


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