If you are open about dates and destination it’s quite easy to travel without spending too much. So, my friends found this cheap flight to Dublin so we decided to go there for the weekend.

From the UK Dublin is quite quick to get to (average 1-hour flight), so we literally flew on Saturday morning and returned on Sunday evening.

It was for sure a fun and interesting weekend in Dublin, and here is what we got to do and see:


The Long Room at the Trinity College Old Library

The old library of Trinity College is the largest library in Ireland and it was built between 1712 and 1732. The most famous room in this old library is the long room, and it’s the home for 200,000 of the library’s oldest books.

The architecture of this place is just stunning and one can’t help but feel impressed when visiting it.

Tip: Buy the tickets online. You will avoid waiting in the long cue.

The Long Room Trinity College Old Library

Oscar Wilde memorial

The Oscar Wild memorial sculpture is a collection of three statues in Merrion Square, as a tribute to the Irish poet and playwriter.

I didn’t know that much about the life of Oscar Wild so when we visited the memorial on Saturday it didn’t carry a lot of meaning for me. But on Sunday we did a walking tour that included visiting the memorial again, and our guide is a big fan of Oscar Wilde and told us all about his success and tragedy, giving a whole new meaning to this experience.

If you don’t know anything about the life of Oscar Wild then I recommend going on a walking tour or doing some research about it in advance.

Oscar Wilde memorial


Molly Malone Statue

Molly Malone is one of the more famous people in the history of Dublin. The statue of her on Grafton Street, built in 1987, depicts a woman in a 17th-century dress that shows so a lot cleavage!

The old song about her, “Cockles and Mussels,” is a sort of an unofficial anthem of Dublin. How this woman who allegedly sold fish by the day and sold her body by night and died of fever is a long and twisted tale.

Ms Malone does have some fans who claim she was never a prostitute. They claim that the sculptural depiction of her makes sense because so many women nursed babies in public in that era that the sight of a woman’s breasts was quite ordinary. But we will never really know!

Molly Malone Statue


Dublin Castle

Before Dublin Castle became the castle, we can witness today, it once was the site owned by a 930s Danish Viking Fortress. After this era, the castle was a 12th Century Norman Fort.

Dublin Castle is one of the top things to do in Dublin and every year welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world. It’s also one of the top things to do in Dublin for history lovers.

Dublin Castle, as a symbol of English reign, was a key target during the Easter Rising of 1916, which marked the first step towards the end of British rule in Ireland.

Dublin Castle has made its appearance in many of the films and music videos. Such films include The Medallion, Becoming Jane and Michael Collins and many more. Also, the TV series The Tudors has also featured the Dublin castle.

Dublin Castle


Christ Church Cathedral

Perfectly located in the heart of Medieval Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral is Dublin’s oldest building, a leading visitor attraction and a place of pilgrimage for almost 1,000 years.

Christ Church has been an integral and intriguing part of Irish history, and over the years it has witnessed so many significant events, including the crowning of Lambert Simnel as Edward VI in 1487. Today, it houses the important Treasures of Christ Church which features manuscripts and ancient artefacts.

Christ Church Cathedral


Temple Bar

Temple Bar is one of the most famous “tourist” bars in Dublin and it’s known by having the largest collections of rare whiskeys in the country!

But actually, Temple Bar is not just a bar, this is the name of the whole neighbourhood and its history goes back to 1599 when Sir William Temple built his house and gardens in that area.

His son, Sir John Temple, developed what we know as Temple Bar after a ‘sea wall’ was built in 1656 to hold back the Liffey. The area then became known as Temple’s Barr (A ‘Barr’ was a raised estuary sandbank often used for walking on).

Now, this is a lovely area to walk around, have some drinks and enjoy the good vibes!

Temple Bar


Traveller’s notes:

These are the main attractions I would recommend visiting if you only have two days in Dublin, but there is much more to see and fun things to experience in Dublin.

If you are interested in knowing more about how Guinness Beer is made I would also recommend visiting Guinness Storehouse, and if you want to have a true Irish experience then try spending some time on a pub outside Temple Bar area (Temple Bar is very touristy and now where “real Irish” tend to hang.

Going for a walking tour is also that I would recommend doing on the first day, as you will have an overview of everything that there is to see and learn all about the history of Dublin, and after it, you can go back to the places you would like to visit and explore more in-depth.

Overall, I came to appreciate Dublin more after I learn about its history and I do believe is a really nice and fun city break!


I hope you all enjoyed this post and will visit Dublin very soon!


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