A lot of people ask me how I manage to travel so much and assume that I might be rich or that I just spend mindlessly haha

Well, let me tell you that the answer is neither of those. It is true that nowadays I get to take longer trips or travel further away, but I was already travelling quite a lot when I was younger and still studying, and I can assure you I wasn’t making a lot of money then!

I’ve collected a few tricks along the years and I also asked some of my fellow traveller friends some of their tips so that I could share them with you and help you travel more for less. So here is a list of things you can do:


1. Establish priorities

I feel like I talk about this all the time. I constantly hear people say they don’t have money to travel, but they constantly go out to eat, always have the latest trend of tech or new clothes every week. This is all completely fine if those are your priorities and the things that make you happy. But if you aspire to travel more, then you might want to reconsider where you spend your money.

Making more money is great, but even if you get a raise or find a better paying job you still won’t be able to travel unless you rethink your priorities.

For me, travelling has always been a priority, it makes me happier than having trendy clothes or a fancy car (I don’t even own a car – priorities), so I take this into consideration into everything I do.


2. Be flexible

If your goal is to simply explore the world, you might want to consider being flexible about two things:



Unless your only goal is to visit a specific place in the world and going there will be your ultimate wish fulfilment, consider being flexible about your destination. Try going on to Sky Scanner and have a look at the cheapest flights you can find, and go through them until you find a destination that you would like to visit.


How to travel more for less
Skyscanner website – Choose “everywhere” for the destination.


How to travel more for less
Skyscanner website – List of the cheapest flights for the chosen dates.


How to travel more for less
Skyscanner website – At the chosen date the cheapest flight is to Gdansk.


Even though we all know travelling in high season is typically more expensive then low season, there’s more to dates then just this.

Make sure that when you are looking at flights you consider different days (and even hours) for your departure. Usually travelling on a Saturday morning is much more expensive than travelling on a Thursday evening (this is just an example), and sometimes the difference in price for a flight to the same destination is much more expensive in one specific day then the next day or the day before…So make sure to be flexible and to check all possibilities.

Also, take into account the actual day you are looking at the flights. Airlines know people have more time on the weekends to plan these things, so the prices for the same flight, to the same destination on the same date, might be more expensive if purchased on a weekend then on a weekday.


How to travel more for less
Easyjet website – The prices of a flight to Krakow are significantly different from Monday at 9:25am to Wednesday at 11:50am.


3. Look at the accommodation before you book your flight

Make sure to do this before you buy the flight. For example, you might find a very cheap flight to a city where the cost of living is very high or that is simply very attractive for tourists and therefore the hotels are super pricey.

So, before you buy your plane ticket, do some research on how much the accommodation will cost to make sure you’re not saving on one thing but unnecessarily spending too much on another thing.


4. Plan/book your trip MONTHS in advance

This might seem extreme, but I usually begin thinking my trips the year before (destinations and dates) and then book everything AT LEAST 4 months in advance.

It is true that I don’t always do this because it is not always possible, but I do try my best and the times that I have done so I have saved a LOT of money. The truth is that flights tend to become much more expensive the closer you are to the date, so if you want to make sure to get a cheap flight to try to buy them at least 3 or 4 months before.


5. Take less stuff with you

Most airlines will charge you extra for your hold luggage (per flight!), so if you can, stick to a cabin-sized carry-on. Again, this is not always easy for me especially for long trips, but if you can manage to fit all your essential on a cabin-sized bag instead of taking a huge one then you will be able to save a lot!


6. Check different websites for accommodation

We all use websites like booking.com or similar ones when it comes to looking for accommodation, and sometimes the prices are very good. But once you find a hotel that you like, make sure to search for it on other websites and also to check directly on the hotel website, most of the times hotels are much cheaper if you book directly with them. So use booking as a tool for searching but then always make sure to compare prices and looks for deals elsewhere.


7. Revolut/Monzo

Money exchange can be very expensive, especially if you exchange in the airport or hotels. Also when paying with your card overseas you will incur in fees most of the times – but if you use Revolut/Monzo you will save some/lots of money.

Even normal banks with no withdraw/payment fees can be expensive because they use a masked exchange rate. To avoid this you should signup for a multicurrency card like Revolut or Monzo which allow you to exchange/pay in multiple currencies with close or real market exchange rates. A simple example: today’s rate in my normal bank is 100 GBP = 116 EUR, in Revolut 100 GBP = 120.36 EUR and in Monzo 100 GBP = 119.79 EUR. Make the calculation of the money you are expecting to spend and you will see a big difference.



So these are my main tips on how to travel more for less! If you do your best to follow all of them I can assure you will save a lot on your trips!

Let me know, did you know all of these tips and tricks already? Are there any other tips you can share? Please let me know 🙂

Until then, enjoy your travels!


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