Hey everyone! So, these have been some weird times… most of us are staying at home all the time, missing our friends and family, missing outside, seeing our vacations cancelled, our jobs threatened and facing a whole lot of uncertainty.

I’m lucky that I’ve been working mostly from home for the past 4 years, so I had already created some useful habits to stay productive and established a “working from home routine”.

But I am too, struggling with not being able to go outside, especially now during spring when all I want is to go out and connect with nature! Also, many of my travel plans have been cancelled, and also a lot of work-related plans.

But in general, I am happy to say I’ve been staying quite positive, productive and doing a good job (the best that I can) to stay mentally and physically healthy.

So, here’s what I’ve been doing during this period of quarantine to stay healthy at all levels:


Building my business and creating:

The quarantine hit just as I was launching my new business as a meditation coach and holistic therapist. And like I said, it did postpone (indefinitely) many of the projects I had planned and completely changed the direction of the whole business idea.

But I didn’t let myself go down with the ship! Instead, I’ve been updating my website, creating content for the blog and social media, creating informative videos, recording free guided meditation and going live on Instagram for guided meditation as well.

I’m doing my best to use this time to explore other avenues, let people know what I do, and letting my creativity run wild.

If you’re not at all running your own business, and you are not working from home either, this can still apply to you!

Let your creativity run wild too 🙂 I’ve seen so many people creating fun videos, using their art to inspire others and so many other things. Whether you want to showcase it to other people or not it doesn’t matter, just create!

Paint something, write something, start a business, bake a cake, create a new recipe, whatever your creativity and instincts are taking too, just do it 🙂 It doesn’t matter if your creation is “good” or “bad”, what matter is that it’s an expression of you and for that reason, it will be beautiful for sure!


Behind the scenes of a live guided meditation on Instagram


Learn a new skill:

This one I have just started, but I’m honestly so excited! I’ve decided to learn how to play the Ukulele 😀

I love music and always loved to sing (I used to want to be a singer!), and when I was younger I used to sing whilst my brother played the guitar. But now that we live in different countries this has proven more difficult! So, I decided that it was time for me to learn how to play an instrument and the Ukulele seems perfect for me.

Even though I haven’t had much time to practice yet (as I write this, I got my Ukulele yesterday), I’ve already been watching YouTube videos on how to play it, searching for covers, stuff like that.

So, whether you are working from home or just not having much to do, learning a new skill is definitely a good idea. It can be something that will help you with your job, something that will simply make you feel good and aid your own personal development, or it can be a hobby like mine!

Also, if you working from home, this will give you an extra activity to do after work (considering going out is not an option) and if you’re not working at all, at least now you have something to fill your time with.

Also, this is another opportunity to be creative, so it ties up with the first point on this list.


Dedicating a song to Pookie 🙂


Listening to my body:

Listening to your body is an important thing at any given time, but when things are “normal” it’s very easy not to do it because we are so busy running around doing so much stuff and seeing much people.

This is the perfect time to reconnect with your body and learn how to listen to it.

In my case, I’ve been much more aware of my energy levels. When I have extra energy, I get up and dance, or clean the house and reorganize (such a Virgo thing haha), yoga, etc.

But I am also very aware when my body needs rest and I shouldn’t push further.

Also, I’ve been more aware of what my body needs in terms of food, not craving but what it needs. I’ve been eating healthier than ever but also allowing my self to have comfort foods that are also nutrient-dense.

If I’m beginning to feel a sore throat I focus on eating more vitamin C, if I’m feeling sluggish I know I need more vitamin D, and so on…I’ve just been very in tune with my body in general and it feels great.


Eating Healthy:

I did touch on this in the previous point, but I just wanted to expand on this topic further.

As you might know, I’m constantly on a diet and fighting against weight gain, but during this quarantine, this hasn’t been my focus at all.

I’ve been eating healthy because not only it boosts my immune system (which is a good idea during a pandemic) but it also just makes me feel good.

I haven’t been focusing on calories and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained some weight, but I feel good and I feel healthy.

I’ve also been experimenting new vegan recipes, baking, and allowing myself to eat comfort food like I mentioned before, but always making sure that I’m first of all eating all sort of nutrients, hitting all the macros and not over or under eating.

A healthy body makes for a healthy mind, and I can for sure attest to that!


My healthy and fully vegan breakfast almost every morning.


Keeping in touch with family and friends:

Even though I’m quite happy with spending long periods of time without socialising much (introverted life) I do miss my friends and family and I have been doing my best to keep in touch, check up on them, having facetime call regularly.

If you are an extrovert you might be struggling much more than me, but even if you are an introvert you are still a human, and humans are social beings, so doing your best to maintain some social life is important.

So, especially if you are struggling to keep your mental health in check during this quarantine, make sure to reach out to family and friends and have some light-hearted fun conversations with them.


Staying away from negative conversations:

I’m simply not interested in having a conversation about how we are all going to die and the world is going to end.

This doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what is happening or I won’t talk to you if you mention this topic, in fact, I’ve had many chats about this, but I won’t engage in pessimistic destructive conversations.

If you watched my video about How to remain positive – An opportunity for Humanity, you know I’m choosing to look at the positive side of all of this.

It also doesn’t mean I’m happy and cheerful all the time, I’m struggling like everybody else, and that is why it is important to remain optimistic and hopeful.



Of course, I had to mention this! But honestly, I believe this has been the most important thing I have been doing to keep me centred and grounded.

When it feels like the world is going mad, we need to look within to stay sane!

In meditation, I always find a safe place where I feel secure and peaceful, and that helps me to take that feeling with me throughout the rest of my day.

Mindfulness is also a great technique to stay in tune with your body (relating with the 3rd point on this list) and it helps you stay in the present moment.

Lao Tzu said: “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

And that is exactly with meditation has been doing for me. If you want to try a quick and simple mindfulness meditation, click here to listen to the one I created.


Meditation after yoga 🙂


Not pushing myself too hard:

Even though I’ve been staying positive and doing all these things, I’m doing so because I’m genuinely motivated to do them. I wouldn’t push myself too hard at this time if this wasn’t the case.

Like I said before, listening to my body is one of the most important things I’m doing during this time, but I’m also listening to my inner voice and only doing things that really bring me joy.

So, even if I advise you try some of the things that have been helping me, I mostly advise you to listen to your own inner voice and body and respect your own desires and only do what makes you feel good.

Don’t push yourself too hard to do things just for the sake of doing them, but don’t allow yourself to fall into desperation or depression during this time. Find the things that bring you joy 🙂


Hugging my cats brings me joy for sure!


And these are the things I’ve been doing during quarantine to stay mentally and physically healthy. I really hope you enjoyed it and try them out for yourself.

And please share what it is that you have been doing to stay healthy at all levels!


Thanks for reading!


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