Hi, I’m Ana!

I am a certified Holistic Life Coach, Meditation Coach and Reiki Practitioner.

I am also a content creator, animal lover, cat mum, a person who is always transforming, exploring new passions and looking for new ways to contribute to a better world.

With a background in Psychology and a 10-year corporate career in Human Resources, my primary intention was always to help people, whether it was through finding them the right job or by supporting them as much as possible during their employment.

But in all honesty, I never felt like I was living my purpose or helping people enough by only doing what I was doing.

As I navigated my own life and my own self-discovery journey, I have come to see life through a different perspective and became passionate about a holistic approach to wellness, health and life in general. I believe that true health and wellness is achieved by healing and balancing different aspects of self, such as physical, mental, professional, social and spiritual.

As a Holistic Life Coach, I use different techniques and approaches (including meditation and mindfulness) to encourage and empower people to play an active role in their own healing and life journey. My goal is to motivate people to believe in themselves, be authentic and surrender to the beauty of life, whilst still taking action towards their own goals.


  • Degree in Psychology – Piaget Institute
  • Master Degree in Psychology applied to Human Resources and Organizations – University of Lisbon
  • Diploma in Meditation – School of Natural Health Sciences
  • CPD Certified Meditation Teacher – Centre of Excellence
  • CPD Certified Life Coach – Centre of Excellence
  • Reiki Practitioner Level 2 – Steph Edwards


  • Associate Member of the UK Reiki Federation
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