Meditation Bundle – 8 Guided Meditations for Soul Alignment

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This is a meditation bundle that includes 8 guided meditations that will help you slowly and gently get closer to soul alignment.

This meditation bundle is great for beginners because it starts with simple and easy meditations and gradually evolves into deeper and more profound meditations. But even long terms meditators will benefit from these.

1 – Guided Meditation – Mindfulness

2 – Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

3 – Guided Meditation for Self-love

4 – Guided Meditation for Gratitude Mindset

5 – Guided Meditation for Deep Inner Stillness

6 – Guided Meditation for Detaching from Unwanted Thoughts

7 – Guided Meditation for Connecting to your Higher Self

8 – Guided Meditation for an Abundance Mindset


After purchasing this meditation bundle, you’ll be able to download these guided meditations and listen to them as many times as you want.

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